Escape For That Special Occasion

Trips and important occasions are a time to celebrate and have fun. Have you ever considered taking a break to explore Santa’s workshop in Lapland, or getting away for a while in Dubrovnik, getting married in St. Lucia and honeymooning in Bora Bora?

Following are just a few finest spots where you can go to observe those significant moments and make fantastic memories.

Merry Christmas from Rovaniemi, Lapland!
If you seek to tick all the fantastical boxes, journey to Lapland with your children at Christmas time. heart-2925103__340.jpg This spot is the most magnificent place for young kids as well as adults to welcome the Christmas spirit, and is located on the Arctic Circle making it feel more like you are part of Santa’s team.

Children can see Santa Claus every day at Santa Claus Village, and stop by Santa Park where Santa’s little aids will present you to the most well-known reindeer of all! You can make your child’s wish come true!

Happy New Year's Eve from Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Men and women around the globe flock to the city of Sydney to view the mix of firework demostrations that rate among the world’s very best.

The activity commences at 6 pm with an entertainment show at Sydney Harbour, concluding at midnight with a fireworks show for the entire family at Sydney Harbour Bridge. This 12-minute performance is magnificent and is viewed by millions worldwide.

Valentine's Day in Dubrovnik
Because of its medieval city setting and Croatian charms, the city of Dubrovnik is one of southeastern Europe’s top inspiring destinations.

Tourists have noted that it is the most perfect place to propose to that important person; with old, charming buildings oozing with medieval history.

Many novelists, poets and artists have felt the impact of this vibrant town. If you jump on one of the cable cars, you will be able to see the beautiful terracotta rooftops, the Adriatic Sea and the island of Lokrum across the way.

Tie the Knot in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is considered one of the top wedding locations worldwide and there are countless factors for this. Rich with tropical rainforests and wildlife, this island showcases its most distinguished sight, the emerald dual peaks called the Pitons. This Caribbean island is the most desirable setting for your beachfront wedding ceremony in paradise!

Honeymoon in Bora Bora
The wonder is overwhelming on the small island of Bora Bora in the South Pacific, which is only 6 miles long and no more than 2 miles wide.

Mt. Otemanu, a dormant volcano, springs up from the center of the island fanning out into lush jungle before spilling into a greenish blue lagoon.

Famed author James Michener, who wrote the book “Tales of the South Pacific” once called it “the most beautiful island in the world. In the 18th century, British explorer James Cook penned it “Pearl of the Pacific”. Bora Bora is the supreme definition of a tropical retreat; with its premium resorts, warm climate and friendly natives.

Happy Anniversary from Bali
Bali is the greatest place to enjoy your anniversary, with its relaxing ambiance and charming surroundings. The clear blue waters and the picturesque scenery of the island make it feel like you’ve found paradise on earth.

engagement-1718244__340.jpg The highly developed arts, including dance, music and sculpture, the opulent resorts and vibrant nightlife bring many people to this stress-free island. Do these adventures sound good to you and your partner? Exclusive excursions such as cruising in Crystal Bay, tours to the sacred volcano of Mt. Batur, and helicopter rides, as well as couple’s massages and cooking classes with local people – then Bali is your wedding anniversary destination.

Close-to-Home Weekend Getaways

Sometimes life calls for a weekend getaway to de-stress, discover something interesting, and have a little fun. You might imagine it will be tough to find a location close enough to make it worth it for only a few days. But don’t worry, there are actually plenty of spots that could be precisely what you are hoping for in a weekend away.

New York City
Visitors can get to New York City by train, plane or auto, so weekend getaways are a cinch. Don’t let weather discourage you; indoor activities like famous museums or Broadway shows abound, while outdoor activities such as the High Line and Central Park can also be lovely even in the winter. History buffs can go to Ellis Island by way of ferry to see the first stop of many immigrants in days past or climb to the top of the famous Statue of Liberty.

San Francisco
The City by the Bay boasts temperatures in the 60s most of the year, making it great for strolling across the Golden Gate Bridge, riding the famous cable cars and exploring the city's eclectic neighborhoods. If you love sports, take in a baseball game at AT&T Park and check out its dazzling views of the San Francisco Bay.
Washington, D.C.

The picturesque U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. has many important attractions that are convenient to visit, as many are free of charge and located within walking distance of each other: the imposing Lincoln Memorial, the awe-inspiring Washington Monument, and many more. To fortify yourself for a day of walking, be sure to partake in the well-known brunch scene – and come with a hearty appetite!

New Orleans
New Orleans has so many activities to do it’s impossible to fit it all into a single weekend, so select carefully.

History aficionados can check out The National WWII Museum, while outdoorsy visitors can wander through City Park. Foodies (or even non-foodies) will want to breakfast or snack on the traditional beignets, then spend some time strolling around the famous and picturesque French Quarter.

Nashville, NC

Nashville, North Carolina is best known for its adventurous outdoor attractions and local beer scene, since it is a mecca for both hipsters and outdoorsy types. The Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest have jaw-dropping vistas, and the North Carolina segment of the Appalachian Trail is a must for die-hard hikers.

prague-2498950__340.jpg A day in the mountain air will make you thirsty, so be sure to check out some of the fun local breweries, which together have over 100 locally-crafted beers for you to taste.

Chicago's legendary eats, distinct neighborhoods, and abundance of can't-miss sights make it a perfect weekend vacation spot. Temperature-permitting, take a cruise through the city on the Chicago River to see the architectural masterpieces, then take a walk to Millennium Park to see the renowned sculpture nicknamed “The Bean” for its unique shape.

If you go in the colder winter months, you might choose to visit the fantastic local museums like the Art Institute of Chicago or the Field Museum.


Seattle is a lively hipster city celebrated for its coffee culture (Starbucks started here) as well as the iconic Space Needle and vibrant Pike Place Market with its fun bars and restaurants. If you love hiking, check out popular Discovery Park or Mount St. Helens, which is really an active volcano. Take an umbrella, but don’t let the city’s famous rainy weather deter you; it is typically just a light drizzle or mist.

Sailing the World on a 5-Star Ship

To travel on a luxury voyage across the seas aboard a dazzling 5-star cruiser is to minimize worries from your life. Certainly, there are many other travel possibilities that will get you to your destination in much less time, but none of them rival the luxury and decadence of a cruise. This kind of trip makes it possible for you to visit places in elegance and be at ease while having the benefit of some of the world’s most amazing views. Luxury liners date back to the transatlantic trips of the 1800’s. In order to be competitive, each company added more and more plush luxuries, many of which are still included today.

As you arrive at this high-end cruise ship you will feel coddled with some of the finest examples that luxury service has to offer: top-notch cabins and exclusive ship services, concierge resources, exotic locations, the finest cuisine and wine with someone to attend to your every need. You will enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want as you give yourself over to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. No matter what your notion of fun might be, you will be able to indulge; whether you are an adventure-seeker, foodie, wine enthusiast, or student of history.

No matter what you like, these liners are designed to accommodate; from an energetic workout to resting by the pool, from dancing the night away to enjoying quiet time with your partner. There are myriad chances to discover new places cruising the world on on a 5-star ship. Re-live history as you travel the globe visiting everything from medieval settlements to modern cities.

Luxury Cruise Lines
One that is known for offering uncompromising standards and opulence is Silversea Cruises. Silversea travels to some of the most exotic places and provides cultural interaction and exciting adventures you will not find anywhere else. Another company to look at when searching for a luxury cruise is Crystal Cruises.

It offers the very best of amenities, unrivaled service, exquisite food and wine, and entertainment you will not have access to anywhere else. For an incredibly broad range of destinations, check out Princess Cruises, with over 40 destinations on six continents. The size of their ships is mind-boggling – 670 travelers can fit on each one – so it is a very entertaining way to go. Radisson Seven Seas Cruises is the number one in places that are off the beaten path, such as Antarctica and Alaska.

They pride themselves on offering opportunities for cultural exploration and letting their passengers really get to know local people and places at each destination.

Start off in the Mediterranean
If the Mediterranean Sea is your destination of choice, these gorgeous ships will take you to its renown coasts and ports, allowing you to go ashore to experience for yourself the captivating old cities and towns along the way.

Land of the Tsars
In Russia, a day in the impressive Hermitage Museum is a must – it is not only an unbelievably gorgeous building, it is also the second largest museum on earth. Empress Catherine the Great founded it in 1764 when she began a collection of paintings, and it was officially open to the public nearly 100 years later.
The Lands Down Under

Australasia is a region that has an unbelievable diversity of cultures, people, and lifestyles. Adventurous visitors can go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or visit the Outback, while anyone who just wants to relax will enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches. In New Zealand, explore kiwi orchards in Tauranga or go for a stroll to enjoy the stunning nature and roaring waterfalls.

The Sights and Sounds of Asia
The sights, smells, and tastes you encounter in Thailand, Vietnam, and China will wow you.

Japan is almost like two cultures in one: the modern cosmopolitan way of life intersects with longstanding traditions that have stood the test of time.

Schedule a trip to Bangkok to observe first-hand the beautiful places, the traditional spires of its architecture, and the statues of Buddha.

From Deserts to Skyscrapers to Pyramids

The urban centers of the Middle East rise from the deserts of Arabia in stark contrast, with towering skyscrapers and the most modern technology.

love-164277__340.jpg In Dubai, you are allowed to go up to the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

The region has many millenniums of history whose influence is still felt today.

In Jordan, explore the ancient city of Petra, carved of rose-colored stone, near the more contemporary city of Aqaba. Egypt is home to the ancient temples in Karnak and Luxor as well as the famed pyramids at Giza, and Oman has the medieval Frankincense trail.

The Diversity of South America
In addition to exploring the South American continent’s natural beauty like Iguazu Falls straddling Argentina and Brazil, travel on to Rio de Janeiro, famous for its Carnival and awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer statue sitting atop Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Chile is known for its diverse natural landscapes including the arid Atacama desert, the imposing Andes mountain range, the breathtaking Patagonia ice fields, and the extensive beaches along the Pacific. From the elegance of a ball dance to the intimate moment on the deck, a world voyage aboard a 5-star cruise is the ultimate stage for the unforgettable memories you take home. There is no doubting that a world cruise is a truly life-changing experience.

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